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The problem is email. On the one hand it’s wonderful, the main way people communicate at work. On the other hand it’s awful, a huge source of stress, distraction, unnecessary CCs and low productivity.

We can help you and your organisation improve on all the wonderful things about email and lose all the awful things. Our research into the email habits of tens of thousands of people shows that:
inefficient working + constant interruption + bad time management = 26% of their time. Our 60-minute session will help reclaim that time. Our measured results show people typically save 47 minutes per day – which adds up to a month every year.


what we do

When you standardise email etiquette across your organisation, everyone can receive fewer unnecessary CCs, so important messages stand out from the clutter. Having a clearer inbox and  a simpler filing system makes it easier to find what you’re looking for.
Stop so many unhelpful emails getting in the way of the useful ones. Start to have more time for the things you are supposed to be doing!

Why are we so confident?
Tens of thousands of people have already benefitted from our process. We’ve measured their email use before and after so we know the typical results you’ll achieve. And the sooner you start, the sooner you reap the benefits.

How do we do it?
Either one of our experienced facilitators comes into you organisation to deliver the results or we can train up your own trainers which will give you even greater flexibility.

  • It was brilliant. It shows how easy it is to change the behaviour of an organisation.

    Cath Conway Sustainable Restaurant Association
  • An excellent short session: I can see an immediate improvement in people’s emails. And time saved.

    Eilish Kavanagh Friends of the Earth
  • Expert Messaging’s session has had a major, positive impact on our business, saving us an average 60 minutes every day.

    James Potten Ecosurety
  • …I am very pleased that we found Expert Messaging…it’s had a significant impact across a very large institution.

    Kay Day Director of Faculty Operations, University of Manchester
  • It was obvious to us that there were major gains in productivity to be made by changing the way people use email.

    Diane Tomlinson HR Director Cadbury
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